Case Study: Case Study: Accompanied Shops, Surfs & Wardrobe Audits


We regularly recruit respondents to take part in one to one interactive sessions.  We understand that the recruitment for these sessions needs to be extremely accurate, as any quota requirements not met, are easily highlighted.

Respondents are recruited on the basis that they are regular or occasional shoppers, and we often ask them to complete various tasks undercover prior to the session.  This can include trying on clothes, taking photos and putting outfits together in-store. 

During 'Surf' sessions, respondents surf the Internet and rate competitor websites, and some have even had researchers go through their wardrobe to talk about the clothes they have purchased and what they are intending to buy. 

Whether the session is in-store or in-home, we check, guide and support respondents through each step, ensuring they understand what is expected of them and that they are the right type of respondent for the methodology at hand.