Case Study: Case Study: Group Logistics


We love logistics! From time to time moderators require some additional support when it comes to the set-up and organising of their projects, and this is where FI are more than happy to take care of logistical needs. 

We recruited 36 respondents from Nottingham to attend a workshop in the head office of a major high street fashion brand.  In sessions of 12, we arranged for the respondents to travel down to London, took care of all of their travel requirements and met them as they arrived at St Pancras.  With maps and enthusiasm a plenty, we then ensured they arrived at the head office in time to take part in an interactive session exploring the new season's fashion.

Both respondents and clients found it an enjoyable and very beneficial experience, and by FI providing that additional support, the moderators were able to focus on the research element of the project.