Case Study: Qualitative Digital Hubs


More ways of finding the right respondents for your Qualitative Digital Hub is something we pride ourselves in.  We work extremely hard to check our recruitment methods, but also to ensure participation level is complete too.

We recruited 32 respondents to take part in a Qualitative Digital Hub all about beauty enhancers.  Our respondents were pre-placed with products to trial over 10-days, and then fedback straight into a Qualitative Digital Hub.  Feedback included not only written tasks, but also daily skincare videos and photos.

An out of the ordinary task such as a beauty audit, can initially come across as intrusive to respondents; and trying to convince beauty and make-up lovers in particular to film themselves fresh-faced and out of their comfort zone can be challenging.  By going beyond regular recruitment methods and by keeping in contact with them on a daily basis throughout the project, allowed us to gain their trust, and produce some really enthusiastic responses for our clients to view instantly online.